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Mobile crusher station--- the strongest assists of construction waste disposal

 All over the country have set up a number of construction waste disposal center, many demolition sites have also introduced a mobile crushing station, the construction waste directly on the ground broken, reduce the accumulation of construction waste dust and other environmental pollution, reducing the cost of transport and transportation of construction waste The process caused by dust pollution, it can be said that the mobile crushing station is the strongest assists in construction waste disposal. Today, the ZhongXin mobile crushing station not only in the construction waste disposal center throughout the country put into use, it is applied to a number of countries and regions abroad.

Mobile crusher station
According to reports, intelligent crawler solid waste waste crushing equipment is equipped with professional dust and noise reduction equipment, and can make construction waste treatment rate of 90% or more, it is China to vigorously promote urban planning, new rural transformation needed the good partner .

At present, China is vigorously promoting the city villages, towns shantytowns and urban dilapidated buildings, derived from the amount of construction waste has reached more than 40% of the total amount of existing waste. According to the survey data show that China's annual production of construction waste up to 2 billion tons, and the average annual growth rate may remain above 10%, the long run, it will be a very large number.

Construction waste disposal complete sets of equipment production line, the hourly disposal of garbage 200 tons, an effective solution to the traditional model "requires a lot of landfill, serious pollution of the environment, resulting in a lot of waste" and other defects. The utilization rate of construction waste after treatment is as high as 90% to 45% as the bedding cushion of the road, and the remaining 45% can be made of brick for resource utilization.

In the mobile crushing production line, the construction waste crushing equipment accounted for the primary position, broken capacity is not strong, broken pieces of finished grain size will seriously affect the follow-up resources recycling.

XINHAI heavy industry  work as a broken equipment industry experts, the production of mobile crushing stations are used high-quality wear-resistant materials, reasonable structure design, according to user needs with different crushing equipment, unit integration, set feeding, broken, sieving, In one, flexible and can be directly into the job site, especially for construction waste disposal broken, is the construction waste disposal and utilization of an important helper.

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