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Problems and solutions to impact crusher during the operation

Impact crusher in the use, there will be a variety of problems, if not solve the problem timely, will become a big problem. In the actual operation process, the crusher will appear crushing machine block material phenomenon, then how to solve this phenomenon? How to avoid this phenomenon? The following to explain in detail solution to the impact crusher when the problem happens:

impact crusher

(1) due to the excessive moisture of the material, it may be sticky on the impact crusher, an effective solution is that the counter board and the feed port can be preheated.
(2) the impact  crusher feeding too fast, while the machine processing is slow, so inevitably there will be blocking for overload working.
(3) in the operation of the crusher, due to improper operation caused by the reasons for the prevalence of, so to correctly follow the specifications on the operation of the instructions.
(4) the impact  crusher design problems, this problem is not resolved, should contact the manufacturer, appropriate to listen to the advice of technical experts.
(5) the reasons for the material, because the material may be too hard or broken raw material is too large, beyond the crushing range of the impact crusher, an effective solution is to break the materials does not exceed the specified range and hardness.
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